Sciatica (Back pain) causes and treatments

Sciatica nerve PICTURE

Nowadays, back pain (Sciatica) and hip pain have become very common in people, Friends in this post today, we are going to talk about this. The main reason for back pain and hip pain is for people to sit in the chair for a long time, long drive and keep the wallet in the hip pocket.

Nowadays, seeing the machines are being used all over the world, it seems that in the coming time, the physical work of human beings will become very small.

If human stops doing physical work, then his side effects will also start to be seen slowly-slowly.

Sciatica pain (lower back pain) is the only side effect of working on a chair for a long time. In some cases, it may have a different reason.

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What is Back pain (Sciatica pain)?

Sciatica pain is the pain that runs along the path of sciatica nerve. Which comes from your lower back ie from hip to the back of your thigh and goes down to the fingers of the feet.

Generally, sciatica operates on your one side, that is, sciatica pain usually occurs in one leg. sciatica is caused by pressure on the nerve.

When and what reason, sciatica pressure occurs.

Sciatica suppresses nerve when the discs of two bones of the spine slip. Sometimes an enlarged bone also suppresses this vein, causing pain.


Sciatica symptoms

  • Sciatica pain is mainly from the lower part of your spine to the joint of your spine and hip. It starts from there and passes through the thigh and leg through the hip and reaches the fingers of the feet.
  • Mostly this pain is one-sided (more sciatica pain has been seen in one leg) but in some, it has also been seen in both legs.
  • In this pain, you start to feel irritation, either you will have a burning sensation in your hip area or you will have a burning sensation in your feet.
  • When most people have sciatica pain, the leg that is in pain goes on the numb in that leg, such problems can also be seen.
  • Pain in the hip or leg that is worse when sitting.

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Causes of sciatica

  • Reasons to keep a wallet in a hip pocket (Due to having a wallet in the hip pocket, sciatica is also the main cause of pain due to high side pressure in the spine while sitting. This is the main reason for sciatica pain in working-age people).
  • The pain of sciatica is seen more in women when she is pregnant.
  • Sciatica pain is also seen in women who wear very high hill sandals.
  • People who are very obese may also have this pain.
  • Driving too long (bicycle, motorcycle, car, truck, bus) doing all these can cause sciatica pain.


Sciatica treatment

  • The cheapest and easiest treatment of sciatica is to do regular exercise,
  • Regular exercise reduces your sciatica nerve pressure. All the exercises of the waist give you benefit in sciatica pain.
  • Sleeping on a wooden bed without a mattress (this is also a very good treatment).
  • Do not carry a wallet in the hip pocket (for men).
  • Don’t drive too long.
  • Avoid sitting in the chair for a long time.
  • Do not use painkillers medicine.
  • If the pain is more, then meet the doctor and do an MRI scan, so that the real cause of the pain can be found.

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