Legal Requirements & Legal Register For Safety

Legal Register for construction site And company



This document describes procedure to identify Occupational Health & Safety legal requirement and maintain register at site level and periodical evaluate and raise non-conformity in case of non-compliance.


The scope of this work instruction is to describe required framework to identify OH&S legal requirement and maintaining of up to date legal register at site, which will be evaluated quarterly. The evaluation team will be responsible to address each and every section and sub-section of applicable act and rule relevant to state and center government, its current status and measurable improvements at ground level.


(Company Name) Site Head and Site Safety Officer.

Applicable Legislations:                                                                               

  • BOCW Act 1996
  • Factory Act 1948
  • BOCW Rules 1998
  • Indian Electricity Act 2004
  • IE Rules 1956 and 2005
  • Gas Cylinders Rules 2004
  • WC Act – 1923
  • Central Motor Vehicle Act-1988 & Rule-1989
  • Petroleum Act-1934 & Rule -2002
  • Environment Protection Act-1986
  • Environment Protection Rule -1986
  • Explosive Act-1884 & Rules-1983
  • Labour Contract Act & Rules
  • Air ( Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act-1981 & rule-1982
  • Water ( Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act- 1974 & rule-1975
  • Child labour Act 1986


  • BOCW: The Building & Other Construction Workers (Regulation of Emp & Conditions of Service) Act, 1996 and Rules 1998.
  • WCA: Workman Compensation Act
  • PMC: Project Management Consultant
  • PPE: Personal protective equipment


  1. (Company Name) safety officer will conduct quarterly audit of legal register to evaluate the evidences of conformity at site level.
  2. (Company Name) safety officer on evolution communicate the non-conformities to the project manager with appropriate targets.

As per attached prescribed checklist and template.

Legal Register for construction site And company


The Safety Officer will be responsible to gets information on any amendments of  Acts / Rules by referring to any or all the following sources.

  • Notification from State / Central Government bodies,
  • Information in Newspapers / magazines,
  • Through various HSE websites , and
  • Internal circulars
  • Govt. department.

The application for renewal of Licenses, Consents etc. under statutory requirements are made in advance as specified in the respective Acts/ Rules.

Alert  Protocol for Pending Compliances

Safety Officer (Company Name) is authorized to raise urgent alerts against all pending compliances as per the following protocol:


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