Mock drill report
On completion of MOCK DRILL, all worker and staffs gathered in rest area where HSE person brief about positive and negative observation noticed during the MOCK DRILL






The purpose of this emergency exercise is to test awareness among the workforce and take necessary Emergency measures that need to be planned, implemented & monitored on Project Site. The main objective of this exercise is how to rescue a victim and how to act if any of the employees met with an accident so as to reduce the severity of loss in the safest manner possible.(EMERGENCY MOCK DRILL SCENARIO)


Group of rigger was performing manual material handling on stairway at cooling tower (cell no 1). One of the rigger from the group noticed that he came under the manhole while manually shifting the structure.Construction site mock drill

He immediately cautioned others and asked for help. Other workers, who all were working over there, rushed to the location and rescued him from that place.

Emergency mock drill procedure

Site HSE immediately instructed Mr. Harpal Singh  (Supervisor) to call the emergency vehicle. The victim was asked immediately to be rushed to the medical center. Improper handling and lack of attention is the main cause of this accident.

On completion of MOCK DRILL, all worker and staffs gathered in the rest area where HSE person brief about positive and negative observation noticed during the MOCK DRILL.

Event Timeline

11:00 AM Rigger came under manhole while handling it manually. At the same time co-worker working with him called site HSE and rescued him.
11:02 AM As Instructed by site HSE, the supervisor called the ambulance/emergency vehicle by seeing Contact number displayed on site.
11:06 AM The ambulance arrived and then with the help of 4 workers he was shifted to the EMERGENCY VEHICLE.
11:08 AM All members gathered in REST AREA/ASSAMBLY POINT.
11:10 AM All workers and staffs were briefed regarding the good action taken during the drill and the things which were missing during performing this MOCK DRILL.


  • Co-worker & Site HSE taken a prompt response after the incident and called emergency vehicle immediately.
  • None of the workers gathered in Assembly point.
  • The time taken by emergency vehicle is reasonable.
  • All workers and staffs gathered in rest shelter and briefly given to all the employees regarding the observation noted down during the MOCK DRILL.

Positive notes:

  • HSE and workers reaction time was appreciable.
  • Time taken by emergency vehicle to reach site was reasonable.
  • Emergency contact number displayed and all workers are well aware of emergency contact number.


  • While any emergency all workers and staffs have to assemble at nearby MASTER POINT.
  • Emergency procedure to be communicated to all.
  • The mock drill shouldn’t be executed as it is well versed and it should be more like a natural one because accidents do happen abruptly.

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