Responsibilities of Construction Project Coordinator

Project Coordinator
Construction Project Coordinator job and responseablity.


Project Coordinator Responsibilities:

  1. To handle 4-5 Projects together with the help of one assistant (for doing backend jobs), prepare Project planning & schedule.
  2. To manage all the Project in such a way there should not be levied any LD , Daily Monitoring of projects Progress.
  3. Prepare MIS Report for Management & Client.
  4.  Prepare monthly progress review presentation.
  5.  Prepare MPR, MCI, DCI, WBS, BBU & functional Schedule.
  6.  Maintain Records of all projects related documentation.
  7.  Float enquiry and prepare comparative statements of items to be purchased and work orders of jobs to be ordered.
  8. Co-ordinate with Clients and Consultants.
  9. Co-ordinate with Sub-Contractors.
  10. Co-ordinate with all supporting departments and Consultants.
  11. Raising bills on time & follow up of payment, checking and review sites and contractorโ€™s bill.
  12. Check reconciliation of material as per drawing and actual consumptions.
  13. Prepare Project Daily Analysis.
  14. Arrange Necessary material, manpower & contractors at site as per Planning.
  15. Checking of Drawings and their Submission and getting approval from Client.
  16. Ensuring all the activities must be executed as per contract and conditions on time.
  17. Preparing/Arranging all Drawings /Documents.
  18. Submission of all the documents on time as asked for in PRM or otherwise.
  19. Preparation of catch-up plan for the delayed activities.
  20. To make monthly & weekly site execution plan and monitor the site work as per these plans.
  21.  Keeping proper records of all correspondence with client.
  22. Attend meeting with client.
  23. Make necessary correspondence with client in case of any delay from client in handing over site or making payment not to levy LD imposition by client.
  24.  Keep Management informed from time to time about Progress of the project especially, if there is Delay of any kind.
  25. To coordinate with suppliers, our company factory/Purchase deptt./Accounts deptt. /Legal &Liaoning officer/Head looking after Projects for timely dispatch of materials/our Manpower or contractorโ€™s manpower to execute the job.
  26. To coordinate with client for getting payments and to coordinate with our Accounts Department to release payments of our Suppliers/Our Employees /Contractors /Govt. Dues and levies.
  27. To take care of compliances of all Govt. prevailing laws/Rules and Regulations at site and HO.

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