Fire Emergency action Plan and Drill

Emergency action plan
Fire emergency action plan should be similar to ‘On-site Emergency Plan.

Fire emergency action plan should be similar to ‘On-site Emergency Plan’. Here type of emergency is a fire or explosion emergency. Key elements of such plan are as under:

  1. Assess all possible fire emergencies or the maximum foreseeable loss (MFL) factor. Mark fire/explosion prone areas on the factory/plant plan.
  2. Assess resources (men, material, equipment etc.) available in the plant and make a list of them with their locations, contact phones and in-charge persons.
  3. Assess resources needed from outside and make a list of them with their places of availability, contact persons and phone numbers.
  4. Prepare a central control room for co-ordination of emergency time activities.
  5. Prepare an organised group of key persons who will act to control the emergency. Site Main Controller, Incident Controller and other responsibilities should be decided. Everybody should be given their role in writing. Table top exercise and rehearsal will be carried out to shape their action.
  6. All communication systems shall be maintained in workable order. New system shall be procured if necessary.
  7. Double gates (one for entry, one for exit), unobstructed inner roads and proper sign boards shall be displayed.
  8. Housekeeping shall be regularly checked. Accumulation of rubbish and combustibles shall be removed soon.
  9. Fire water, working order of fixed fire installations and placement of charged portable extinguishers shall be regularly checked.
  10. Alternate power source shall be kept ready.
  11. Runners shall be arranged to act in the event of communication failure.
  12. Distinctive garments or cap, band etc. shall be given to emergency controllers.
  13. Decide assembly points for safe gathering by other people.
  14. Keep arrangement for medical, security and transport in readiness to handle the emergency.
  15. Train fire fighting crew, medical staff and other workers for their emergency time and post emergency time activities.
  16. It should be assured before restarting the normal work that fire is fully extinguished, environment is cooled, debris etc. removed, all-clear signal is given and the plant is ready for restart.

Fire Emergency action Plan and Drill
Assessment of probable scenarios and Drill:


Flammable materials and their processes must be identified first. Based on these flammable materials, their quantities, storage parameters and flammable process, probable scenarios should be decided and listed in the fire emergency action plan. In periodical fire drill, different scenario should be selected at different times from the above list. This will help to train our plant personnel to fight with all type of fire. Necessary PPE should be used while participating in such drills. Scenario of fighting fire with floating pump can also be part of drill.

Fire control room should be well established. Audio visual indication should be available by fire call bell. Fast communication and public address system should be provided. Trained staff should be available. Necessary documents including list of telephone numbers and mutual help contact persons should be readily available in the control room. It is desirable to conduct at least one fire drill in one quarter or statutory periodicity should be followed.

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