electrical safety at work place
electrical safety at work place


To identify the electrical hazards and eliminate these for safe use of electrical power in construction sites.


Safe Use of Electrical Power in Construction:-

Major effects of electrical hazards

  1. Shock

  Up to 10 ma            –       No shock

            15 ma          –       Feeble shock

            30 ma          –       Severe shock

         > 30 ma          –       Fatal shock

Electrical Shock Causative Factors:-

  • Exposed joints.
  • Exposed terminals.
  • Unguarded substations.
  • Metallic parts without earthing.
  • Plugs without plug tops.
  • Neutral control.
  • Poor insulated non standard cables, switches,breakers,isolators,plugs, plug tops etc.
  • Non usage of discharge rod.
  • Combining power cables with welding cables.

Control Measures to Avert Electrical Shock:-

Earthing to metallic parts

(Motors, Generators, Transformers, Welding M/Cs,Dist.Boards, Flood Lights,Driers,Mixers,Vibrators, Drilling Machines and Grinding Machines.)

  • Provide rubber mats near Switches,Breakers,Isolators,Electrical Panel etc.,
  • Wear Rubber Sole Shoes.
  • Wear Rubber Hand Gloves (18” Electrical Grade -IS :4770-1991).Cable Routing
  • Over Head above 7’.
  • Underground Tray / Conduit.
  • Lay Power Cable and Welding Cable Separately.
  • Use Double insulated Standard Cables.

Cable Joints:-

  • Avoid jointing of cables as far as possible.
  • Use cable jointing kits for higher capacity.

Colour code of the cable

   Phases – Red, Yellow & Blue

  Neutral – Black

  Earth –    Green

  • Use 24 v lamp in confined space and concreting areas
  • Use non-conductive ladders for electrical jobs/close to Busbars.
  • Use fuse pullers.
  • Use insulated hand tools
  • Use cable route tracer in excavation work in existing factories and roads in cities.
  • Use ELCB/RCCB for construction power/in the Distribution boards
  • Use discharge rods for Overhead lines.
  • Use permit to work.


  • Causative factors
  1. Flash over due to short circuit between        

Phase to Phase– Phase to Earth -Phase to Neutral         

  • Control measures
  1.   Connect MCB/RCCB and correct rating fuse links

     2.Avoid using non standard/poor quality cables.

  • Do not use single bulb for test lamp use two bulbs of 250 v in series for checking 415 v and 250 v.
  • Avoid multi socket plugs.
  • Do preventive maintenance.
  • Take a clearance from overhead power lines.

Minimum Safe Clearance values for various Voltage levels:-



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