Construction site near-miss case study-3

Learning from near miss

We would like to share the Near Miss that occurred in our project Site. The following are the details:



Brief Description:

Dismantling of Scaffolding job is under progress. Scaffolding pipe is being descended using the rope. Suddenly one scaffolding pipe fell down to ‘0’ meter elevation when the worker was trying to secure the pipe with rope for descending it. It resulted in no injury.

Probable Cause of Incident:

  • Securing of the pipe before loosening the coupler/Scaffolding clamps.

Lessons Learnt/Recommendations:

  • Scaffolding pipe which is to be lowered has to be uncoupled after securing the pipe with rope. Because of this, there is no chance for slippage of scaffolding pipe from hands.
  • Area to be barricaded to prevent unauthorized entry.
  • Co-ordination with workgroups who are working at ‘0’ meter is to avoid parallel work.
  • Clamps to be collected in jute bag/container to secure the clamps from fall and descend the jute bag/container with rope.
  • All loose materials to be secured/removed.


Brief Description:

Workmen are engaged in shifting the argon gas cylinder from one location to another location. During the shifting due to uneven ground level, the trolley tilted resulted in an imbalance and the argon cylinder fell down on the ground. It resulted in gas leakage due to damage in the pressure gauge regulator.

Probable Cause of the incident:

  • Moving the trolley over the uneven surface.

Lessons Learnt/Recommendations:

  • Cylinders to be secured in the trolley.
  • Movement of trolley on even surface.
  • During shifting regulators to be removed and ensure guard is available over the gas cylinder. It protects the cylinder valve from damage.


Brief Description:

A Pipe Erection using Hydra Crane on Branch pipe rack is under progress at the height of 6m. During the erection work, the existing pipes on the pipe-rack are obstructing the hydra boom, so the operator lowered the boom to adjust the position to place the pipes at the desired location. Due to this the suspended pipe dropped down 2mtr and hit nearby welding booth resulting in no injury.

Probable Cause of the incident:

  • Lowering the crane boom suddenly.
  • Improper rigging.

Lessons Learnt/Recommendations:

  • Improper planning of the job.
  • Inadequate Supervision.
  • Lifting plan is not properly discussed at the site before the erection.
  • Obstacles at the erection location are not removed prior to lifting.
  • Tag line to be tied to arrest the swinging of pipe.


Brief Description:

Dismantling of Scaffolding at a height of 8m in the pre-reformer unit was under progress. A structure bolt approximately 50 gms which is on the platform fell on to ground level and resulted in no injury.

Probable Cause of the incident:

  • Dismantling without clearing the loose material on the platform.

Lessons Learnt/Recommendations:

  • Material shouldn’t be kept loose. They have to be stored in a jute bag/metal container.
  • Before dismantling platform should be clear from material.
  • Toe-board shouldn’t be removed until the removal of the platform.
  • Area to be barricaded to prevent unauthorized entry.
  • Supervisor to be vigilant.
  • Workers pulling the rope should stand far from the scaffolding.


Brief Description:

The maintenance of 250 T crane was under progress. During the process, the operator extended the boom out completely to check the healthiness of the boom movement. This resulted in retracting of boom length completely resulting in the fall of hook block.

Probable Cause of the incident:

  • Mechanical failure.
  • Burst of hydraulic oil hose pipe.

Lessons Learnt/Recommendations:

  • Improper maintenance schedule.
  • Pre-use of check of crane daily for its healthiness.
  • Area barricading to prevent unauthorized entry.
  • Fully extending the boom without observing the boom out.

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