Safety Lesson Learnt – Slips, Trips & Falls

Safety Alert slip, Trip And falls

In one of the industries, a worker was taking sample from cooling water pump by standing on top of an operating platform. After taking sample, while coming down from the operating platform, he tripped over a concrete lump (uneven surface) on the ground and he lost his balance and fell down causing the sample bottles to break. Luckily he escaped from the cut injuries to his hands due to broken glass pieces.

Immediate Cause

  • Concrete lump / uneven surface on walkway caused tripping.

Root Cause

  • Wrong orientation of working platform which resulted in tripping with concrete lump.
  • Poor design of working platform without any handrails.

Lessons Learnt

  • Walkways floors shall be levelled and free from obstructions such as concrete lumps, unwanted materials etc.
  • Working platform shall be always provided with handrails and oriented in a such there is minimum obstruction in the exit path.
  • Always wear proper PPEs (hand gloves – in this case).

Causes of Slips, Trips and Falls

  • Wet, oily or greasy floors.
  • Uneven walking surfaces.
  • Missing rungs on ladder Scaffolds without handrails.
  • Poor Housekeeping.
  • Electrical cords or cables.
  • Damaged ladder steps.
  • Weather hazards — rain, algae etc.
  • Loose flooring, carpeting or mats.
  • Transition from one floor type to another.
  • Missing or uneven floors, false floor panels etc.
  • Damaged or irregular steps; no handrails.
  • Sloped walking surfaces.
  • Shoes with wet, muddy, greasy or oily soles.

Tips to Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls

  • Create Good Housekeeping Practices.
  • Reduce Wet/Slippery or Uneven Surfaces.
  • Avoid Creating Obstacles in Aisles and Walkways.
  • Create and Maintain Proper Lighting.
  • Wear Proper Safety Shoes.
  • Create Good Individual Safety Behavior.




  1. 1. Hazard and risk assessment to be done
    2. Nailing of the excavated surface with Mesh and cementing to be done
    3. No Material piling of soil at least 3 feet from excavated surface
    4. Shoring to be done depending on space availability
    5. Step cutting or having slope in excavation of sides is must
    5. Emergency escape arrangement like access ladder, rescue arrangement to be available
    6 Adequate supervision to see if there is any crack in soil and stop work, check and allow

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