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Mobile phone related safety


Dangers of using mobile phones while driving

The use of a mobile phone in our country is now a common sight. It is reported that India has the world’s second largest mobile phone base with over 929 million users. As the number of users increases every day, so does the number of mobile phones related incidents. Being aware of the cell phone related hazards and risks can help you to protect yourselves and eliminate mobile phone related incidents.

There are many hazards and risks while using the mobile phones

There are many hazards and risks while using mobile phones such as:

  • Using mobile phones while driving vehicles – two-wheelers and four wheeler lead to increased road accidents.
  • Using mobile phones while walking on roads, crossing roads and railway tracks – particularly with earphones on, has been the cause of a large number of serious incidents.
  • Using mobile phones while walking along the footpath having open sewage/drainage holes, obstructions like steps/ramps have also been the cause of serious incidents.Using mobile on foothpath

In offices using mobile phones while walking you risk walking into walls, pillars, glass partitions, staircases etc. and injuring yourself.

It is important that you understand these incidents are preventable if we are aware of the inherent hazards and risks of using mobile phones and you take preventive safety measures in your personal and professional life.

1. DO NOT use mobile phones while driving.

Using mobile while driving

 If it is critical that you make or take a call while operating a vehicle, follow these general guidelines: Safe driving is your first priority. Always keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

  • If you are traveling with a passenger have them answer the phone for you and inform the person you will call them back.
  • If you are traveling alone find a safe place to pull over to take or place a call.
  • Never dial a call when driving, dial only when stopped.
  • Never text while driving.
  • Do not engage in stressful or emotional conversations during driving.
  • Suspend conversations during hazardous situations, including congested traffic and bad weather.
  • Remember taking or placing a call is not worth putting yourself or others in danger.

2. DO NOT use the mobile phone while walking on roads, while crossing roads or railway tracks – this is even more dangerous with earphones on.

3. DO NOT use mobile phones while walking along footpaths. Pay attention to where you are walking. Look for open sewage/drainage holes, obstructions like steps/ramps and save yourself from a potentially serious injury or death.

4. DO NOT use mobile phones while walking in office complexes.

Be aware of the hazards and risks while using cell/mobile phones while driving, while you are walking, crossing road/railway tracks, walking along the footpaths, during jogging with earphones on, while in office premises etc. Awareness of the hazards and simple precautions could make life easier perhaps save yours and others’ life. Spread this message to your dear and nears.

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