Banks Man shall help in the safe.


Controlling vehicles on site:


  • Flagman/bank man ground guide
  • Ground guided
  • Traffic controller

Lets put them in easy order.

Explain each: Banks Man can also be called a Signaler or Flags Man and is responsible for a specific vehicle. Theory Role is not to control traffic however on rare occasions they might have to guide traffic if their vehicle is blocking a road. However, if the vehicle is working, the Banks Man should request a Traffic Controller to assist. They may also assist the driver in moving the vehicle from A to B

Traffic Controller is not a Banks Man. Their role is to direct traffic at busy or in dangerous locations. There is a separate course for Traffic Control

Ground Guide can be anyone. They assist a vehicle when reversing or maneuvering in tight locations.

ENSURE SAFE OPERATION conflict between traffic and heavy.

Banks Man:


Banks Man shall help in the safe.

  • Movement of heavy equipment
  • Operation of heavy equipment

Especially when traveling or operating on Narrow or congested areas, near structures, Excavations etc.

Equipment Banks man / Flagman are appointed where it is necessary to assist in the movement or operation of certain.

Drivers Responsibility:

Any driver of a vehicle that requires a Banks Man must:

  • Ensure that there is a TSTI.
  • Assess the area with the Banks Man prior to the start.
  • Agree on signals to be given with the Banks Man.
  • Ensure you only operate with a Banks Man.
  • STOP WORK if you lose sight of the Banks Man or think the Banks Man may be at risk.

Both must work together:

Driver and flagman must work together

Medically fit for the purpose which may include:

  • Good Eyesight – not all workers get their eyes regularly tested. ALSO head wear may obstruct vision, hearing.
  • Good Hearing – Not all workers have good hearing and may not hear something that could be potentially dangerous to them.
  • Aware & Alert – Tired or unwell employees can easily make errors and cause major incidents.
  • The ability for judging distance, height, speed – Some employees are unable to properly judge such things from either lack of experience or just ability.
  • Able to stop work if unsafe (Assertive) – Flag operators must have enough self-confidence to actually take charge and stop work if deemed unsafe. Not all people have this quality!

Banks Man & Driver Responsibilities:

Explain it is a responsible job. Not everyone can do it.

EMPHASIZE the need to be alert/ vigilant. You need to look out for the safety of the vehicle but DO NOT FORGET YOUR SAFETY. Do not get distracted – Mobile OFF!

Discuss each point in turn. – REMEMBER IF YOU require a break/ drink water – Work must STOP!

  • Recap with driver signals you will give. Also, the work planned. Have carried out a TSTI.
  • Assist the Driver with vehicle checks.
  • Check the work area with the driver. Look for dangers that are in the area or might enter that area.
  • Switch off mobiles.
  • Always keep in sight of the driver and a safe distance away from the vehicle.
  • Stop if you think something is unsafe or you are not sure. Also if you need a break to drink water etc.
  • Discuss concerns with the driver then supervisor.

Controlling the operation of a vehicle on site:

Vehicles that require a Banks Man:

  • Excavator
  • JCB
  • Breaker
  • Grader
  • Bulldozer
  • Large Fork Lift
  • Truck

Banks Man / Flag Man – PPEs.

  • Red & Green Flag(Can also paddle with the stop or go)
  • Whistle(Whistles should be used to attract attention
  • Fluorescent Jacket(Flag operator needs to be seen to be clearly identifiable)
  • Ear Protection – (Ear protection if required should always be worn)
  • Mask(Near dusty operations, especially when unloading of vehicles).

Signals – Given Clearly

  • Put a Red flag in the hand you write with or use the most.
  • Ensure you keep in line of sight of the driver at all times.
  • GIVE Signals clearly. Discuss signals with the driver before you start work
  • If there are 2 people to assist the driver, only 1 person has flags and that is who the driver looks at. The other person (Ground Guide) relays information to the Banks Man.
  • Only show one flag at a time.
  • MUST DEMONSTRATE signals and practice.

Controlling vehicles on site

To Banks-man / Flagman / Signalman on construction site are very important as a properly trained individual working with other colleagues who are operating large machinery or vehicles simply SAVE LIVES and damage property.



Safe working practices

Discuss with Driver possible dangers in the work area:

ENSURE you discuss the work to be done with the driver before you start.

  • Look for dangers that may be in the area or might enter the area. Remember people come from and go to buildings.
  • Look for height restrictions
  • Do be vigilant of other workmen and vehicles entering the area and brief them before you start.
  • Do not be afraid to stop men of vehicles entering if required.
  • Ensure barriers are in the place where there is excavation.

The line of sight of the Driver:-

The line of sight at all times. Be aware of drivers Blind Spots. Practice before you start work to see where these areas are. Every vehicle is different.

Before you start work – Check with the driver blind spot areas of his vehicle. Every vehicle has different blind spot areas.

Vehicle Blind Spots- Check with the driver

You MUST know blind areas around the vehicle:

Light grey is difficult to see and the darker area is out of sight of the drive. Know these areas prior to commencing work. Get driver and Banks man to change places.

Controlling Vehicles On-Site


  • First, the vehicle must be parked in position.
  • Banks Man finds a safe location where the truck and driver can be monitored.

Vehicle Movement – Ensure the boom is retracted

Explain each photo in turn. Start top left and work your way right. Then bottom left and work your way right. No matter what distance you intend to travel, the arm/ boom and legs should be retracted fully, hook etc. stowed securely so not to cause damage or injury.

Vehicle Movement

What is right and wrong with this picture?

The vehicle traveling – a Good line of sight. However which flag is being shown????? Make it clear.

Also – if a vehicle is operating in this area, DISCUSS what is required I.e. TSTI, TBT driver/ banks man/ supervisor, area fenced off, Banks Man MUST NOT BE WITHIN THE LENGTH OF THE VEHICLES ARM /BOOM (REACH).

What do you think went wrong?

Emergency Services

Know your Grid Location & Muster Point

Tel. No..


Explain that it is extremely difficult watching a vehicle, the surrounding area and also identify something that may pose a threat or danger to you.

Do not turn your back on the equipment KEEP YOURSELF SAFE AT ALL TIMES.

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