Safe Use of Kerosene Stove

Kerosene stove afety
Kerosene stove



In context to kerosene stove burn injury data recorded across the Indian territory, it is revealed that 40% burn injuries are generated by the explosion of kerosene stoves. The root causes are mainly due to overpressure, nonstandard equipment, wear & tear by corrosion, adulterated fuel, inadequate design mechanism, and usages of oversize pots, poor maintenance of burners, tank etc., and no pressure indicator. The integrated safety features and reliability is not considered by many of the manufacturers.


  • Adulteration of other spirits and chemical to kerosene.
  • A misleading belief that β€œMore Pump, More Heat”

Safety Tips:

Kerosene stove afety

  • No spirit or chemical should be used as an additive.
  • To preheat up the burner only pure kerosene must be used.
  • No gas torch is to be used for external preheating the burner.
  • The conventional cotton design torch is to be used for preheating the burner.
  • For cleaning the burner nozzle, the specified pin is to be used.
  • Only filtered kerosene is to be filled up in the tank.
  • Clean and rinse kerosene tank periodically.
  • The kerosene filling cap must have the seal to fix firmly.How to safe use Kerosene stove
  • oversize pots should not use for cooking.
  • Air pump must be in good condition with the good standard of the seal.
  • A pressure relief pin or auto regulator is to be provided.
  • The Kerosene stove with high durability & strength is acceptable.
  • No leaks are permitted of any kind.
  • No damage, rust or corrosion should identify on Kerosene stove body.
  • Double burner kerosene is not allowed.
  • In-house modification of any kerosene stove is not acceptable.
  • Only the metal body is allowed. No fiber, plastics or rubber material is acceptable.
  • Kerosene stove cooking should be performed on a Kitchen platform.P
  • periodic replacement and cleaning of stove burners are to be performed for better efficiency.

Be aware of the hazards and risks associated with work related to off the job safety. Your awareness, constant vigilance, timely and prompt actions could eliminate major incidents.

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