Ventilation for factory

Clean, fresh and uncontaminated air is a basic need of life. Industry has many pollution which contaminate air and heat stress is generated process. Well designed and effective ventilation provides solution of these problems.

Purpose of ventilation & heat control:


  • Carbon dioxide is continuously exhausted by all human beings. Much more contaminates are added by manufacturing process to pollute air. Therefore cleaning of air and supply of fresh air with sufficient oxygen are also necessary. This is possible by good ventilation and pollution control technique only.
  • Human body can not tolerate excessive temperature. Heat stresses produced by very hot of cold exposures, causes adverse effect and safety of work people. Therefore environmental temperature control is also permanently needed for well functioning of human body. Mechanical Ventilation helps in removing excessive temperature.
  • Air is life and fresh air is the first survival of living creatures. Absence of air brings death with in a few minutes. Life breathing is not possible and the clean needed for the whole life for breathing functioning of human body. Therefore good ventilation giving sufficient fresh air is the permanent requirement.
  • Heavy physical work or heavy work load causes heat stresses and strain and increase metabolic heat, body temperature, sweating, heat rate etc. to maintain (control) body temperature, ventilation is necessary.
  • Where die to weather or atmospheric conditions or process parameters, excessive temperatures is unbearable or uncomfortable, air conditioning or HVAC system or also necessary. Conversely where air heating is necessary as in case of excessive cold climate it must be provided.
  • Basic function of ventilation are to (a) maintain the oxygen contain of the air & to prevent CO2 concentration from rising (b) Prevent or removal of body orders (c) Prevent harmful concentration of aerosols and air-borne contaminates and (d) maintain reasonable conditions of thermal limits for comfort and efficiency which are decreased heat stress, increased productivity, reduce accident rate,( hot condition unsafe act). and adverse health (interaction with other hazards), higher level jib satisfaction, reduced absenteeism, improved attitudes, reduced down time for hot vessels, compliance of required standards.
  • While designing industrial building can be taken to provide good ventilation for dilution of inside air to prevent vitiation by cause as body odors, to remove process released contaminate and heat exposures to maintain satisfactory thermal involvements, to maintain heat balance of body and to prevent discomfort and injury to the health workers, If natural ventilation is not sufficient for these purposes, mechanical ventilation, cooling system, other system must be employed to satisfactory result.

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