personnel protective equipment ppe
personnel protective equipment ppe


What is PPE?

The term PPE means “personal protection equipment” which cover any item intended for by the workers with the aim of protecting him/her from one or more risks likely to cause injury or jeopardize health while at work, in addition to any item or necessary having the same purpose.

Personal protective equipment can save the person from danger PPE are provided to employees (workers) concerned to control the severity of the accidents to the permissible limit.

PPE does not eliminate hazard these equipment are designed to interpose an effective barrier between a person and harmful objects/substance the use of PPE is an administrative control to reduce the hazard to the acceptable level and hence PPE should be used as the last line of defense.

5 right for PPE management

  1. Right PPE
  2. Quality
  3. Right supplier
  4. Right people
  5. Right knowledge

PPE development system

  •  Any people responsible for the selection of appropriate PPE in the organization?
  • Is the specification/ make of selected PPE meets the ISO/EN/BIS standard?
  • Is supplier has provided the certification for standard?
  • Is the supplier is authorized for particular make?
  • Is procurement gives inquiry to only approved make?
  • Is discarding criteria exist to issue the PPE?
  • Is system exist to issue the PPE?

PPE development system is appropriate if the answer for the above questions is yes

Basic for PPE development

PPE development system

Responsibilities of PPE developer

  1. Trial &feedback
  2. Analysis
  3. Communication
  4. Research
  5. Follow up with purchase for the availability of PPE

Responsible for line management

  1. Monitor the compliance
  2. To educate the employee
  3. Issue PPE to right people only

Head to toe protection

Head protection

  • your head is a very delicate part of your body, in and around your head are
  • your eyes, with which you see.
  • your ears, with which you hear.
  • your nose, with which you smell,
  • your mouth, with which you eat and speak.
  • your brain, with which you think.

Reasons for the head injury

  • There is a possibility that a person may be struck on the head by a falling object.
  • A person may strike their head against a fixed or protruding object.
  • Accidental head contact may be made with electrical hazards.

PPE’S for head protection

The functions of hard hat protection from falling, impact with other objects, debris, bad weather, and electric shock.

Inspection and maintenance

Helmet must be visually inspected by the user before use for any damaging such as dent or bend, cracks, improper design, certified by ISO or not.

If Helmets is damage or penetration than don’t use and immediately withdrawn from service and discarded (completely destroyed).

Eye protection

Purpose: to protect eyes from damage due to impact, penetration, burns, splashes and flying particles and ultraviolet radiation.

Why eye protection is important?

  • The eye is our identification
  • Eye is precious

Reasons for eye injury

  • Projectiles
  • Splashes
  • Airborne substances
  • Radiation
  • Infectious materials
  • Blow to the eye

PPE’S for eye protection

  • General purpose safety goggles- protection from dust foreign particles in the normal industrial environment.
  • Panorama goggles- protection from dust foreign particles, chemicals for the specific application like chipping, grinding, chemical handling.
  • Green safety goggles- protection from IR radiation used for the specific application like oven inspection, hot metal application.
  • Yellow safety goggles- use in a dusty environment like the conveyor belt.
  • Safety goggles- use over prescription glasses.

Inspection and maintenance

  • Before cleaning inspect thoroughly
  • Wish with mild soap and water. Use a soft cloth to remove dust. Do not rub optical surfaces.
  • Avoid solvents.
  • Rinse thoroughly dry.
  • Store the clean eyewear in a suitable case or pouch; keep inside the individual locker or in the special cabinet.
  • Protect the eyewear or face shield from physical damage, chemicals, dust, sunlight, extreme temperature, excessive moisture, oily environment.

Face protection

Purpose: to protect the whole face from flying fragment and splashes. It will help prevent injuries such as embedded objects, cuts, and scratches, and burn or irritation from high heat. Molten metal splashes, chemicals, Light, steam, dust, mist or vapors.

PPE’S for face protection

  • The clear polycarbonate face shield
  • Green poly-carbonate face shield
  • Welding and gas cutting shield
  • Full face aluminized hood
  • Nomex hood

Inspection and maintenance

Store your face shield where it won’t get damaged or scratches. Keep the shield clean and free of any grime. You should wash your face shield with soap and water immediately after use and as needed. It can also be cleaned by soaking for two minutes in a mixture of 30ml chlorine bleach in 4 liters of water.

Hearing protection


To conserve the hearing of personnel by use of hearing protection appropriate for reducing the received sound energy levels of noisy equipment and processes to acceptable levels.

Why ear protection is important?

Generally, what we like is sound. What we dislike is noise In shop floor, anything above 85 dB is considered “ high noise “ & requires workers to wear protective devices.

Extremely high noise can cause immediate deafness. Our concern is “NOISE-INDUCED HEARING LOSS” which is slow & amp; invisible.


Difference between noise and sound

PPE’S for hearing protection

  • Earplugs- General purpose and use for the longer duration at high noise area. NNR is 29 dB. 3M- 1110
  • Earmuff- Use in a high noise area for short duration. NNR is 23dB. 3M- 1425

How to use

  • Roll the plugs with clean hands
  • Insert into ear canal by gently pulling the ear upwards
  • Once fully inside, allow the plugs to “expand “ & amp; take the shape of the ear canal

Inspection and maintenance

  1. When not in use, store ear muffs to clean a clean, dry place. Inspect ear muffs regularly for any signs of damage caused by general wear and tear. Damaged ear muffs should be repaired immediately or, if the damage is too extensive, they should be replaced.
  2. Always use clean hands.
  3. Don’t remove earplugs frequently after insertion.
  4. Don’t use dirty earplug.



To protect the hand from injuries such as cuts, grazes, burns, burns, ingress of chemicals & electric shock.

PPE’S for hand protection

  • Handle sharp object- use cut resistance hand glove
  • Handle hot object- use leather hand gloves
  • Handle cold object- use cold resistance hand gloves
  • Handle chemicals- PVC hand gloves
  • Protection against radiation- radiation resistance hand gloves
  • Protection against molten metals- heat resistance hand gloves
  • Protection of sleeves- use leather/ heat resistance hand sleeves

Body protection

Purpose: to protect the body from injuries such as cuts, grazes, burns and the effects of exposure to heat, cold and ultraviolet radiation & collision from moving machines.

PPE’S for body protection

High visibility jacket

  • PVC apron
  • Aluminized suit
  • FR suit
  • Electrical flash proof suit
  • Jacket for protection against loose clothing

Other PPE’S for body protection

  • Aluminized shin guard
  • Shinguard
  • Neck guard

Foot protection

To protect the feet from risks ranging from crush and impact injuries to slips, cuts, penetration wounds, electrical shock, and splashes with liquids and molten metal.

PPE’S for foot protection

  • General safety shoes
  • Lady safety shoes
  • Heat resistance safety shoes
  • Electrical flash proof safety shoes
  • PVC gumboots

PPE for fall protection

  • Full body harness
  • Fall arrestor

Respiratory PPE (Breathing)

what is Respiratory ppe in details
Respiratory PPE

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