Modi’s Speech on 21 days lockdown

1) Nation to go in a Total Lockdown from 25th March 12am (0000 hours)

2) The lockdown rule will stay for 21 days

3) Next 21 days very crucial; if careless, it will regress the country by 21 years

4) Social Distancing of utmost importance to combat the disease

5) Respect the people at work – Police, healthcare, etc

6) About INR 15000 crore budgeted to solve the Coronavirus Epidemic

7) All states to focus on Healthcare by prioritizing medical and paramedical training

Coronavirous pm modi poster

8) Don’t fall for the hoax and fake news. Don’t self-prescribe medicines. Consult a doctor in case of symptoms observation.

9) Care for yourself and your family. This way India can calmly and patiently let this tough phase pass.

को – कोई भी
रो – रोड पर
ना – ना जाए



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