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Line of fire in safety



“Line-of-fire” is a military term that describes the path of gunfire or a missile.  However,  in  Industry, the Line of  Fire refers to workers who put themselves in harm’s way by standing in the wrong place at the wrong time and then coming in contact with some form of energy.


Examples in which workers have placed themselves in the line-of-fire are:

  • Standing in a mobile machinery operator ’s blind spot and being caught between the moving vehicle crawler treads.
  • Standing too close to a truck being unloaded and becoming crushed by unstable pipes that suddenly roll off the side once restraints are removed.
  • Standing too close to another worker who is holding and using a sledgehammer. The head could fly off the sledgehammer, thereby sending all of its force into the worker nearby.

Global incident statistics show that approximately 27% of workplace injuries are related to Line-of-fire incidents. This greatly drives us to proactively embrace the responsibility of making ourselves and other employees out from the Line of Fire safety by following  Safe work practices.

Hazards  existing  in the Construction  industry  due  to  which  line  of  fire  injuries  may  result  includes  following  but  are  not limited to:

  • Hazards presented by gravity
  • Moving machinery and vehicles
  • Flying debris and projectiles
  • Automated equipment
  • Contact with stationary hazards
  • Unsafe Behaviors.

Always keep the “Body position” in a safe zone in relation to the work that you are performing or the work someone around you is performing. In order to effectively accomplish this requirement one must need to

  • Recognize the hazards related to their position.
  • Evaluate those hazards to see how they can get hurt and how they can be avoided in getting hurt and
  • Control the hazard by adjusting their position or by obtaining appropriate personal protective equipment.

Line of fire

Be aware of the Line of fire hazards and risks around you. Ensure adequate safety measures are taken to eliminate any untoward incident. Your awareness, constant vigilance, timely and prompt actions could eliminate the major line of fire hazards.

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