Automatic Fire Detection and Extinguishing System

Fire detection system
In a Direct Release System the same tube

Automatic Fire Detection and Extinguishing System is the latest development in fire fighting techniques it is used to detect and extinguish fire directly at the source automatically, quickly and efficiently.

It can be used at any type of fire risk. Its pressurized flexi-tube delivery system is leak resistant flexible, temperature sensitive and rupturing at 100 degree centigrade to form a distribution nozzle that delivers pressurized extinguishing media (foam) directly on the source of fire. It is a self contained stand alone system. Its operation is not affected by power or water main failure. It reacts reliably every time.

Automatic Fire Detection and Extinguishing System is of two types, direct release system and indirect release system.

Direct release system
Direct release system

In a Direct Release System, the same tube is utilized for both the detection device and the extinguishing delivery system. The portion of the tube nearest the hottest point of the fire ruptures at 100 degrees centigrade forming an effective spray nozzle.

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The pressure drop in the tube releases the entire contents of the cylinder through the distribution nozzle to extinguish the fire. More tubes can be used to cover more area.
In Indirect Release System, the detection tube ruptures at 100 degrees centigrade and the resulting pressure drop causes the indirect valve to activate diverting flow from the detection tube to the larger outlet ports.

Indirect release system
Indirect release system

The extinguishing agent is then discharged from the cylinder through the diffuser nozzles flooding the area to extinguish the fire quickly. This system is more useful for larger areas.

The extinguishing agents tested and used in Fire trace systems include water, powder, foam, CEA-410, FM200, every INERGEN (Nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide) up to 40 bar working pressure.

Advantages: Automatic Fire Detection and Extinguishing System offers many advantages against conventional fire extinguishing systems as under:

  • Automatic detection and suppression of fire.
  • Extinguishing media is site-specific and minimizes damage. It includes water, foam, DCP or INERGEN gases.
  • Flexible, narrow tubing can be inserted into confined spaces.
  • No electricity required. It can work even in electrical failure.
  • Simple design reduces maintenance.
  • Always activates at the hottest point of fire.
  • Quick and simple installation. It can be installed anywhere, even at hard to reach places.
  • Cost-effective and practical against other extinguishing systems.
  • Performance is unaffected by humidity or airflow.


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