Hazards in Welding & Cutting

Welding picture with safety
  • Fire:- Ignition of combustible material.
  • Explosion:- Explosion may occur inside the tank.
  • Burn.
  • Noise:- Level more than 90dB(A).
  • I. R. / U.R. Radiation:- Skin burn, Red Eye & Metal fume fever.


Safety Measures:-

  • Welding and cutting operations should not be permitted in or near hazardous locations.
  • Electric shock protection by using proper PPEs.
  • Use of work permit system in Hazardous locations.
  • Ventilation, safety belt while working at height.
  • Use of necessary PPEs like full-body apron, leg apron (leather)
  • Maintain good housekeeping.
  • Only trained and qualified people allow for welding and cutting activities.
  • Proper supervision.
  • Toolbox and STA briefing conducted before starting the job.
  • The fire extinguisher must be available.
  • Fire and emergency control contact no displayed at the site.
  • The walkway and emergency exit route must be clear ( without any obstruction).

Cylinders Safety:-


  • Do not tamper with safety device of cylinder.
  • Don’t use cylinders as rollers, support or any purpose other than contains gas.

Sling, chain or rope should not be used for handling cylinders

  • The cylinder should stored in dry, well-ventilated place and away form source of ignition / heat /electrical fitting.
  • Oxygen cylinders are to be stored 20 feet away from flammable materials.
  • Cylinders should be separated by a fire restive partition of at least 5 feet height.

Using cylinders safety:-

  • Using cylinders in upright position and secure them falling & collision.
  • Cylinder should be at least 12feet away from the job.
  • Never use oil or grease as a lubricants on valves attachment of oxygen cylinder.
  • Leaking gas cylinders should be taken out of use immediately.
  • Don’t permit sparks , molten metal , electric current, excessive heat or flame to come in contact with cylinder or attachment.
  • Gas cylinder valve must be closed, when work is completed.



  1. Safety should regarded above progi making, consciously considers before industrial expansions to another environment and employers should safety equipped.
    This blog is like working PRACTICALLY in a workshop or on a construction dite

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