Hazard and Preventive measures in Core shop and Pouring section.

Hazard in pouring section

Hazards in Core shop



Manual material handling hazards.1. Train the employees in safe method of manual material handling. 

2. Provide appropriate P.P.E.

3. Maintain good housekeeping.

4. Proper supervision.

Flying particle hazard while cleaning the cores, core boxes etc.1. Provide safety goggles. 

2. Wherever possible, suck the dirt instead of blowing.

Heat hazard while working near the core oven.1. Provide proper exhaust system. 

2. Provide good ventilation.

Allergy due to resins, linseed oil for some people.1. Provide appropriate hand gloves and other PPEs.
Noise hazard from core shooters, blowers & from surrounding area.1. Where ever possible isolate the noise producing process. 

2. Provide ear protection.

3. Pre employment medical examination.

4. Periodical medical examination.

Burn injury due to contact hot cores.1. Prepare safe operating procedure. 

2. Provide appropriate PPEs

Hazard in Pouring section



Smoke & gases generated due to burning of organic material during pouring.1. Where ever possible provide hood & exhaust system. 

2. Ventilate the area adequately.

3. Provide appropriate PPEs.

4. Ignite the gases coming out of moulds.

Burn injury from liquid metal if it leaks from the mould.1. Ensure proper tightening of the nut bolts & clamps. 

2. Seal the moulds with appropriate clay whenever necessary.

Exposure to U.V. & I.R. rays.1. Provide appropriate P.P.E.
Radiant heat during pouring.1. Provide appropriate P.P.E.


Personal protective equipment for pouring operation:

  1. Helmet.
  2. Dark glasses for eye protection.
  3. Thick cotton boiler suit.
  4. Safety boots.
  5. Leg guard. (Leather)
  6. Leather hand gloves.
  7. Leather apron.

Health hazards in foundry:

  1. Heat stress.
  2. Silicosis. (Starting stage of lungs cancer)
  3. Noise.
  4. Smoke and other gases cause respiratory diseases.
  5. Renault’s syndrome.
  6. Skin allergy from various chemicals and resins.

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