Hazards in Cupola operation

cupola operation

Hazards in Cupola operation

Hazard due to flying particles while breaking scrap, coke etc.1. Provide face shield & safety goggles. 

2. Where ever possible isolate these activities

Explosion hazard due to moisture in the scrap & scrap in the form of cans, drums etc.1. Ensure that the scrap is free from moisture before charging. 

2. Maintain the roof above the scarp yard in good condition.

3. Inspect the scrap for cans drums etc. & segregate the same.

Feet injury due to scarp falling dawn during charging operation.1. Ensure that the bin is not over flowing with the scrap. 

2. Provide safety shoes.

Flying particle hazard during preparation of cupola.1. Provide face shield & safety goggles.
Material handling.1. Inspect all the material handling equipment periodically. 

2. Train the employees in safe method of material handling.

Hazards in sand Plant

Manual material handling hazards.1. Train the employees in safe method of manual material handling. 

2. Provide dust masks.

3. Pre employment medical examination.

4. Periodical medical examination.

Finger injury due to blades of the sand mixer.1. Provide inter lock switch to the lid of the sand mixer. 

2. Provide appropriate brush for cleaning the blades.

Hazard due to nip points of the belt conveyor.1. Provide adequate guards. Where ever possible provided inter lock switch.
Skin allergy due to resin, oil etc. (for some people)1. Provide appropriate hand protection.
Injury due to damage platform, railing etc.1. Maintain all the equipment in good condition. 

2. Maintain good housekeeping.

3. Proper supervision.

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