Guarding of textiles machines

Machine guarding for textile industry
Name of the machineGuard/Device Suggested
1.General requirements1.Individual Starting/Stopping device in safe position.
2.Belt shifting lock.
3.Guards on all moving parts.
2.Openers/pickers1.Interlock guards/doors on beaters and dangerous parts.
2.Feed guards.
3.Nip guards on fixed roos and lap-forming rollers.
3.Cotton Cards1.Interlocking doors on cylinders.
2.The fixed guard on the licker-in
3.Trained worker for stripping or grinding.
4.Gamet Machines1.The fixed guard on lickers-in.
2.The fixed guard on Fency rools.
3.Screen under garnet.
5.Gill Boxes1.Guard on feed end.
2.Nip guards on rolls (Distance are suggested).
6.Silver/Ribbon, lappersGuard on calendar drums and lap spool.
7.Speed FramesInterlock doors on headstock gearing
8.Spinning MulesGuard on carriage wheels.
9.Slashers/Dryers1.Nip guards on in-running rolls.
2.Controls levers within 1.7 meter the floor
3.Stop/Start push buttons conveniently located.
10.Looms1.Shuttle guard.
2.Beam weight fall preventer.
11.Valve on Kiers1.Locking device on valve
Tanks & containers2.Shut off valves to stop overflow/splash.
12.Shearing MachinesGuard on revolving blades (opening less than 1 cm)
13.Bleaching rangeNip guard on rolls.
14.Mercerizing range.1.Stop button at each end of the machine.
2.Guard on the frame between chain & clip opener.
3.Nip guard on mangle rolls & washers.
15.Centrifugal extractors1.Interlock guard on the basket
2.Brake to stop the basket
16.Mangles, Washers etc.Nip guards on in-running rolls.
17.Sanforizing and Palmer Machines1.Nip guards on in-running rolls.
2.Side guards on in-running rolls.
3.Trip rod, cable or wire near cylinders. Height not more than 1.7 meters from the working platform.
18.Rope washers1.Splash guards
2.Trip rod near washers.
19.Washers, tumblers or shakers1.Interlock door on the cylinder.
2.Holding an open device for cylinder doors.
20.Printing machine1.Nip guard on rolls.
2.Fixed guards on rollers, gears & wheel
3.Fixed guards on rollers, gears & wheel
21.CalendarsNip guard on rolls.
22.Rotary staple cutterGuard on cutting zone.
23.Plating machineGuard on space between knife and card bar.
24.Hand baling machineHandle stop guard at the right angle to the frame.
25.Flatwork ironerTrip bar/guard on first pressure (Feed) rolls to stop the machine.

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