Guarding of Ginning, woodworking and rubber machines

Saw machine guarding rules
MachineDangerous PartsTypes of Guards
ILine shaft to run the gins
(Cotton Ginning (Sch. 2)
Line shaftWall or fencing with locking doors.
IIWoodworking Machinery (Sch. 3):
MachineDangerous PartsTypes of Guards
1.Circular SawsThe sawA riving knife of prescribed dimensions and setting.
Adjustable top guards, two metal plates guard, push sticks.
2.Band SawsTop and bottom pulleys and the bladeFixed guards.
3.Planning machineCutting slot freed rollerBridge guard, efficient guard.
4.Vertical Spindle Moulding machine.Cutter, the wood being moldedSuitable guard, A jig or holder.
5.Chain mortising m/c.Chain and cuttersSuitable guard
III Rubber Mills (Sch. 4):
MachineDangerous partsTypes of Guards
1.Rubber millInrunning rollsHeight more than 96.5 cm, a distance guard, feed hopper, trip guard (rod) within 1.7 m height.
2.Calendar m/cInrunning rollsTrip guard within 1.7 m height, tight wire cable connected with it.

Centrifugal Machine (Rule 54 Sch. 5)

Applicability: This schedule applies to centrifugal extractors, separators, and dryers but does not apply to similar machines of the sugar manufacturing industry.


  1. All parts of the machine shall be of good design, construction, and adequate strength, properly maintained and examined thoroughly by a competent person at regular intervals.
  2. Lid on cage housing, revolving drum or basket shall be strong and interlocked.
  3. The effective braking arrangement is required to stop the drum/basket after the power is cut off.
  4. Operating speed not exceed the rated speed which is stamped at visible places on the basket and the machine casing.

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