Power Press

Power Press machine
Power Press machine

Power Press (Rule 54 Sch. 6):

Applicability: This schedule applies to all of the power presses including press brakes except used for hot working of metal. The CIF can exemption by a written certificate with the condition if any, and he can revoke such certificate also.

What is the power press?

‘Power Press’ means a machine used in industry for molding, pressing blanking raising, drawing, and similar purposes.

Guarding of Tool & Die: Tool and die shall have a fixed guard so as to prevent hand injury danger zone. A small aperture shall be provided the bottom of the die guard to feed the machine.

An automatic or interlocked guard may be in place of a fixed guard but it should be maintained in efficient working condition and if such develops defect, the press shall not be operated defect is removed.

The trained person for testing, preparing power press set, adjust, try out, install, inspect, test or prepare a tool or safety device on a power press, an adult trained worker shall be appointed and his name shall be entered in Form No. 8.

Power Press Testing by a Competent Person: No power press or power press safety device shall be used unless it has thoroughly examined and tested by a competent person. Periodicity of testing for a power press its safety devices is 12 and 6 months respectively.

Details of such test report are prescribed in 6(4) of the schedule. This includes the name and addresses the factory, name of the occupier, identification number or mark to identify the press or safety device, date the first use, date of each examination and particular of defects found and steps are taken to remove them.

Disclosure of Defects & Measures: By any or examination, when any defect is disclosed competent person, the defective press or safety shall not be used till it is remedied. The competent person shall inform the occupier and the Inspector (within 14 days) in writing, the defective to be rectified. The defect shall be remedied and record shall be kept stating the measures and the date of remedy.

Inspection & Test of Safety Device: After setting, resetting or adjustment of any tool, every safety device of the power press shall be inspected and tested authorized (appointed) person and lien only the press shall be used.

Defect disclosed in a safety device as above shall be notified to the manager forthwith.

Identification: Every power press machine and safety devices of power press shall be marked for identification.

Training & Instruction to operators: operators shall be trained and instructed in the method of work before starting work on any power press.

Shears, Slitters and Guillotine Machines (Rule 54 Sch. 7): Guillotine machine has a straight or bevel e blade and Shearing machine has a similar I operating vertically while Slitting machine has circular disc type knives for slitting into a narrow strip. Machines are used to cut metallic or non-me substances.

Power Press machine guard

Power Press Machine Guarding

  1. The descending blade should have a fixed barrier guard in front of the blade (knife) fitted with the machine frame.
  2. Where fixed guard is not possible due to the size and thickness of the material being fed, either ‘two-hand control’ or push away device shall be provided for the protection of hands.
  3. At the back end, inclined ducting cum guard shall be provided through which the slit piece would slide and be collected at a safe distance and which would prevent a person from reaching the blade.
  4. Except for continuous feed trimmers, power-driven cutters shall have two-hand starting device (push buttons) and at least one hand on control during the completion of the stroke. In addition to the brake (stop device), an emergency device shall be provided to prevent the machine from operating in the event of failure of the brake.
  5. An automatic guard to push away the hands at every descent of the blade. (Such guard may be preferred as the last resort if other devices are not possible).
  6. Where more than one workers work on the same machine, two-hand start device should be for each worker and at least one hand on control to complete the cut.
  7. Circular disc type knives shall have a fixed or manually or automatically adjustable guard to enclose the knife edge. Space between the guard and the material must be less than 6 mm. Portion underneath the table should also be guarded.

Mechanical power press

Dangerous Machines: substituted Rule 57, prescribes the following machines as ‘dangerous’ and no young person (below the age of 18) shall work on it.

  1. Hoist, lifts, lifting machines, chains, ropes, lifting tackles and revolving machinery (Sections 28, 29, 30).
  2. Power Presses other than hydraulic presses.
  3. Milling machines.
  4. Guillotine machines.
  5. Circular Saws.
  6. Platen printing machines.

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