Section 28 and 29 of the Factories Act are regarding hoists and lifts (with platforms or cage and fixed way) and lifting machines and tackles.

Difference between ‘Lifting machine’ and ‘Lifting tackle’ is explained at the end of Section 29.

Difference between 'Lifting machine' and 'Lifting tackle'

Lifting Machine means a crane, crab, winch, teagel, pully, block, gin wheel, transporter or runaway.

Lifting tackle means any chain sling, rope sling, hook, shackle, swivel, coupling, socket, clamp, tray or similar appliance, whether fixed or movable, used in connection with the raising or lowering of persons or loads by use of lifting machines.

Above explanation clarifies that lifting tackles are used with lifting machines and hoists and lifts are not included in lifting machines. Therefore Form No. 9 is prescribed for hoist and lifts and Form No. 10 for any other lifting machine.

The word lifting gear is used to indicate any item which is used to connect a load to a lifting machine or appliance but which is not in itself capable of providing any movement to lift or lower the load. It is also known as lifting appliance, lifting tool or lifting tackle.

Indian Standards

There are many IS on material handling a few of which are:

  • Material handling equipment, non-powered, terminology IS CODE: 6839
  • Hoists and cranes, design, manufacture, erection and testing IS CODE: 807
  • Hoist and lifts, steel wire suspension rope IS CODE: 2365
  • Hoist chain, electric IS CODE: 6547
  • Electric wire rope IS CODE: 3938
  • Wire sling IS CODE: 12735
  • Hydraulic gates IS CODE: 6938, 10210
  • Ropes-coir IS CODE: 1410, 1411, 1412
  • Cotton rope IS CODE: 2452, 2453, 3143
  • Fiber rope IS CODE: 3871, 4575
  • Guide rope IS CODE: 3623
  • Jute rope IS CODE: 5177
  • Manila rope IS CODE: 1084
  • Nylon filament rope IS CODE: 4572, 6590, 3253
  • Test methods of rope IS CODE: 7071
  • Polyethylene rope IS CODE: 8674
  • Steel wire IS CODE: 1835, 5836, 2266, 3973
  • Aerial ropeway and cableways IS CODE: 7649, 5229, 5230
  • Single-chain, mild steel IS CODE: 2760, 8324
  • Legs and wire rope IS CODE: 2762
  • Fiber rope slings IS CODE: 9944
  • Sockets IS CODE: 2485
  • Shackle IS CODE: 4690, 6132
  • Swivels IS CODE: 4531
  • C-hook IS CODE: 3813
  • Head nut IS CODE: 10749
  • Tackle IS: 6549, 5529
  • Elevator IS CODE: 6930, 7167
  • Escalators IS CODE: 4591
  • Conveyors – glossary IS CODE: 4240
  • Conveyors Safety IS CODE: 7155
  • Conveyors Apron IS CODE: 7423, 8599
  • Conveyors Belt IS CODE: 6687, 8597, 8531
  • Conveyors Chain IS CODE: 7155, 6834
  • Conveyors screw IS CODE: 5563
  • Electric passenger and goods lifts IS CODE: 1860, 3534, 6620
  • Inspection of lift wire ropes IS CODE: 8216
  • Hand operated chain pulley blocks IS CODE: 3832
  • Portable mine hoist IS CODE: 11922
  • Round steel short link chain (electric butt welded) grade 30 IS CODE: 2429, grade 40 IS CODE: 3109
  • Gas cylinders safety devices IS CODE: 5903
  • Safety for handling cryogenic liquids (liquefied gases viz. O2, N2, H2, Helium, argon, neon, and krypton) IS CODE: 5931
  • Powered industrial trucks IS CODE: 6305, 7552, 7553, 7862
  • Cable lift IS CODE: 4289
  • Chain lifting safe use IS CODE: 8324
  • Gantry traveling crane IS CODE: 3177
  • Gantry traveling crane for lifting air cargo IS CODE: 12462
  • Gantry crane winch IS CODE: 9507
  • Gantry crane wheelbarrows IS CODE: 2431, 4814
  • Safety net IS CODE: 11057
  • Metal hooks, clips, and eyes IS CODE: 4066
  • Crane, safe working loads (SWL) IS CODE: 6511
  • Stability testing of forklift trucks IS CODE: 4357
  • Platform trucks IS CODE: 7361, 10311
  • Side loader trucks IS CODE: 9075
  • Powered tow trucks IS CODE: 10312
  • Safety Codes for handling and storage of building materials IS CODE: 7969
  • Safety Code for scaffolding and ladders IS CODE: 3696
  • Packaging code IS 10106, Pictorial markings for handling and labeling of goods IS CODE: 1260, Requirements for packing pesticides IS: 8190.
  • IS CODE: 1860 Code of practice for installation, operation, and maintenance of Electric Passenger and Goods, Lifts is worth mentioning.

It includes 58 definitions (terminology) and essential requirements like conformity with statutory provisions and IS (BIS) lift wells, lift pits, bottom, and top clearance, well enclosures, lift cars, locking devices, suspension ropes, counter-weights, buffers, emergency safety device, safety gear tests, slack rope switch, automatic power cutting device, electric wiring, and apparatus.

It gives design consideration of the number of lifts and capacity, passenger lifts, goods lifts, hospital bed lifts, positioning of lifts, positioning of the machine room, structural consideration, fire protection, quiet operation, supply cables, and switches.

It also deals with resting, running, maintenance and general information to be given with inquiry and order.

These Indian Standards are very much useful for design, construction, use, operation and maintenance of lifting equipment.

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