EVALUATION OF INJURY |primary survey

occupational injury primary survey
EVALUATION of ingury as per goverment rule primary survey


Primary survey

Evaluation of injury “primary survey” is required for the purpose of assessing the workmen compensation.

Injury may be scheduled (Sch first & third WC act) or non scheduled and it may result (a) Death, (b) Permanent total disablement (c) Permanent partial disablement and (d) Temporary disablement, total or partial, as per section 4 of WC Act.

For the Scheduled injuries, Sch. First gives percentage of loss of earning capacity for the injury type (b) and (c) mentioned above.

For non-scheduled injury, loss of earning capacity is to be assessed by a doctor as per section 4 (1) (c) (second) of the WC Act, and while such assessment, the doctor has to give due regard to the percentages of loss of earning capacity in relation to different injuries specified Sch. (one).

Loss of earning capacity depends on loss of function which varies from part to part and its components are motion, strength and co-ordination.

In upper extremity loss of each factor in the shoulder has following estimation:

Motion                                           – 50%

Strength                                        – 30%

Co-operation                                – 40%

Disability of arm radical               – 50%

Disability of hand radical             – 30%

Disability of entire extremity       – 50%

In lower extremity main function is weight bearing. The components of the function are motion, strength and weight bearing.

For fracture of the central body part, the assessment is as under:

Lumber region                             – 50 to 100%

Dorsal region                               – 25 to 50%

Cervical region                            – 20 to 30%

Spinous or traverse                    – 5 to 10%

1 rib                                            – No disability

3 to ribs                                      – 5 to 10% when there are after effects.


  • 5 to 10%

Another assessments are as under:


Loss of vision of both eyes     – 100%

Loss of vision of one eye        – 30%

30% loss of vision                    – 9%

40% loss of vision                    – 12%

50% loss of vision                    – 15%


Total loss of hearing               – 100%

Loss of hearing of one ear    – 15%

Loss of voice                           – 25 to 50%


Headaches and giddiness   – 10 to 20 %

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