Construction Site Safety Checklist

Safety Checklist


Safety Checklist?

Safety checklists are written document it is required during safety inspection.

Various types of safety checklists for construction site

Aerial Platform safety checklist

Air Compressor safety checklist

Confined Space Personnel Entry LOG

Checklist for Motor grader

Crane Inspection (Daily & Monthly)

D.G Set Checklist

Diesel welding set checklist

Electrical Distribution Board Inspection Checklist

Daily Electrical Inspection Checklist

Electrical Tools & Equipment Inspection Checklist

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Log

First Aid Box Contents Checklist

Hot work checklist

Hydraulic Equipment & Tools Inspection (Initial & Quarterly)

Ladder Inspection Checklist

Lifting tools Inspection Checklist

Mobile crane checklist

Mobile Equipment Inspection (Daily)

Mobile Equipment Inspection (Initial & Monthly)

Periodical Inspection of DG sets

Periodical inspection of electric driven portable pumps – compressor

Periodical inspection of electrically driven welding sets

Periodical inspection of engine-driven welding sets

Periodical inspection of extension boards

Periodical inspection of portable grinding machine

Periodical inspection of power drilling machine

Pre-use checklist of extension board & drilling machine

Pre-use checklist of extension board & grinding machine

Pre-use checklist of Welding machines

Safety Harness Inspection Log

Sling Shackle Inspection Checklist

Vehicle Inspection Checklist

Tower Crane Safety Checklist


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