Basic terms in accident prevention

H.W Heinrich
H.W Heinrich

Accident :- It is an undesired or unintentional event that result in physical harm to a person or damage to property or environment. It is usually the result of a contact with a source of energy (mechanical, electrical, thermal, and chemical, etc).

Injury : – To injure means to hurt and an injury means a harm. In legal terms injury may be to a person or property or both and compensation (damages) can be awarded to the injured person for the loss he has suffered and may continue to suffer. Primitive damages can be awarded for for grave injury.

An injury is an external damage to the harm body, disturbance or dysfunction resulted from an accident.

The term accidental denotes n injury to a workman due to an accident. It does not include an injury to a workers health unless it result directly from an accident, as for example, a poisoning due to toxic chemical.

Serious bodily injury as defined in section 92 of the Factories act means an injury which involves or in all probability will involve the permanent loss of the use of , or permanent injury to, any limb or the permanent loss of, or injury to, sight or hearing, or the fracture of any bone, but shall not include, the fracture of bone or joint (not being fracture of more than one bone or joint) of any phalanxes of hand or foot.

Heinrich estimates that in a unit group of 330 accidents of the same kind and involving the same person, considering average of averages, 30 result in no injuries, 29 in minor injuries and I in major lost time injury. It indicates an ample opportunity to prevent any injury by efforts during 300 no-injury or warning accident. This foundation of a major injury is shown in this picture.

H.W Heinrich

Dangerous Occurrences:-

U/s 88A of the Factories Act and u/r 103 of the Gujarat Factories Rules, the following occurrences are prescribed as dangerous and they are re portable in Form No. 21 (for bodily injury or death) & 21A ( for no bodily injury, property damage may or may not be resulted):-

Bursting of a steam plant under pressure. Collapse or failure of lifting appliances or overturning of a crane. Fire, explosion, escape of molten metal, hot liquor, gas etc. Explosion of a pressure vessel. Collapse or subsidence of a structure.


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