Housekeeping 5S
House keeping is very inportant for site. Housekeeping is key of safety
Housekeeping means cleanliness and orderliness. A good housekeeping means a place of everything and everything in its place. Poor housekeeping is a source of the accident in industry.
Housekeeping is not only cleanliness it is more than cleanliness, housekeeping is cleanliness as well as keeping the things in orderly and safe manner maintaining the machines and equipment in operating and good condition is also a part of good housekeeping It shows the works culture of an organization it is the duty of each and every employee of the industries.
Housekeeping means cleanliness as well as orderliness.


The advantage of good housekeeping

The accident is reduced. Employees moral confidence and efficiency are increased. Occupational stress is decreased and working life is improved. The rate of production is increased. Cost of production is decreased. Life of the machine, equipment, building etc is increased. The fearless working environment is produced.

Effective floor area is increased. Accommodation capacity of each and every area of the industry is increased. Effective natural illumination is increased. Effective natural ventilation is increased. Overall Maintenance cost of the machine’s, equipment’s and tools are reduced. There will be no loss of time in searching for materials, portable equipment and tools.

Handling of materials easy and speedy. Loading and unloading of materials, goods become speedy. Inspection of the plant and other areas of the industries becomes easy. Each and every area of the industry becomes presentable which shows the work culture of the industry… Good public relation is established.

Poor housekeeping 

The disadvantage of poor housekeeping

Most of the slips and falls are caused by poor housekeeping. Accumulation of waste materials due to improper and delay disposal of scrap waste, paper materials, oil-soaked rag’s etc, sometimes becomes source off area due to ignition of there materials which may spread and results in a major fire. Dusty environment reduced illumination. Produces poor work environment.

Adversely effects employees moral confidence efficiency and health productivity. Inadequate ventilation causes discomfort in terms of oxygen deficiency temperature humidity etc. Object’s portable equipment and tools lying in a hazard way uncovered manhole etc. Actual natural ventilation is reduced. Actual natural illumination is reduced. Actual floor area is reduced.

The actual capacity of each and every part of the industry is reduced. The total area of the industry Doe’s not remaining presentable and attractive. Occupation stress is increased. Life of machines, equipment, and tools is reduced. Material handling and loading unloading of goods become more and more time taking.

More and more time is lost in searching for materials and tools. Inspection of each and every area of the industry become difficult and time taking. Employees moral confidence and efficiency are adversely affected. The rate of production is reduced. Cost of production is increased.

A poor housekeeping means the resistance of unsafe condition at the workplace which may cause an accident. Example of poor housekeeping are given below:
  • Floor and lose articles, nails, oil, grease, ditch/pit, uncovered manhole, broken uneven manhole etc.
  • Workplace, workbench, wall, ceiling, door, the window full of dust, dirt or unwanted things hanging or laying giving a shabby look.
  • Non-disposal of scrap, effluent, and waste from the workplace.
  • Non-extraction of air pollutants like dust, fumes, smoke, gases, vapor, mist, etc. From the work environment.
  • Inadequate ventilation causing discomfort in the workplace in the term of temperature, humidity etc.
  • Non-provision or blocking approaches to emergency equipment (fire bucket, fire extinguisher, first aid box, emergency shower etc.).
  • Keeping or stacking materials, equipment, tools etc at such a position as to hinder easy and safe movement of men and materials or stack may collapse by slight disturbance.

Benefits of good housekeeping:-

The work environment of the plant is improved and hence become fearless. Employees moral confidence and efficiency are increased. The accident is reduced to a great extent and hence the level of occupational stress is reduced to a great extent.

Discomfort is minimized. Fire and other hazard are reduced it is an important method of preventing fire.No time lost in searching tools and materials. It makes and maintains not only the plant area but the entire area of the industry presentable. It ensures good public relation for the company. It increased life oh machine. Life of machines, equipment, and tools is reduced.

Material handling and loading unloading of goods become more and more time taking. More and more time is lost in searching for materials and tools. Inspection of each and every area of the industry become difficult and time taking. Employees moral confidence and efficiency are adversely affected. The rate of production is reduced. Cost of production is increased.

Stop poor housekeeping at site

Housekeeping guidelines:-

The workplace must be cleaned. Materials equipment’s and tools must be placed orderly and safely. Toilets, wash facilities are water containers are provided for conveniences and welfare of the employees so, all employees are expected to keep them clean and sanitary. Oil spills and another type of spills must be cleaned immediately clean up all leakages and spillages as soon as they occur.

Do not wait until the end of the works to remove debris from the workplace, debris must be picked up and disposed of promptly and properly. Never dump waste materials like rubbish, paper, and polythene, envelopes, and pics of wood materials, glass, in the ground all there must be placed in the dustbins.

Tools and materials must be placed where there they will not create hazards for others never leave in a position where they could fall injury, someone, tools should be placed in the tools box or tools container. Always keep passages clear at all the time. Classify tag and then arrange all type of materials and keep them at the designated area only.

Drainage channels should be kept free from choking. Don’t throw oily gloves and rags hare and there place them in the separate dustbin. Always have a firm step when you are in an oily area. Clean the area after completed of the work.

Housekeeping vs safety 

A good housekeeping takes care of all the shortcomings mentioned above and makes a workplace conducive, safe and comfortable. Workers find it easy and less tiring to complete their tasks successfully and safely. If the floor, wall, door, window, ceiling, workbench etc are carefully maintained out of duet, dust, unwanted things, illumination and ventilation are properly maintained storage of materials are paid due attention and emergency equipment are promptly available when needed, it may be called good housekeeping.
These housekeeping will play a vital role in achieving safety in the industry. A good standard of housekeeping may be maintained if we follow the DO’S and DONT’S given below:


  1. Keep your surroundings clean to the extent possible.
  2. Maintain floor free from cracks, pit holes, unevenness, loose articles, nails, sharp objects, oil, greased, chemicals, scraps, etc.
  3. Ensure your workbench/table free from unwanted things.
  4. Keep tools, accessories, attachments and other essential devices at their respective place after use.
  5. Ensure the extraction of dust, fume, gas, vapors, the mist from your work area.
  6. Store materials without blocking normal passage in the shop floor, etc.


  1. Do not throw oily waste here and there.
  2. Do not smoke or use naked flame in the restricted area marked β€œNO SMOKING”.
  3. Do not keep loose articles/object narrowing down a common passageway, gangway etc.
  4. Do not misuse fire bucket.
  5. Do not allow unwanted things to accumulate in your workplace.

Good housekeeping Procedure:-

Good housekeeping should be planned at beginning of the job. Planned and proper layout of the premises is essential. Divide the plant and offices into different cleaning zones and assign a person to each zone that person is responsible for the good housekeeping orderliness of his zone. Keep an eye on the performed housekeeping schedule and conduct periodic housekeeping inspections.


A good housekeeping adds Grace to safety. A prudent management desirous of achieving higher productivity pays adequate attention to maintain a reasonable standard of good housekeeping.


5s is a Japanese concept which explains the systematics steps to the workplace management. Workplace includes shop floor, plant, and offices. With the practice of 5’S, work can be done cheaper, quicker, more easily and fewer mistake. It can be used as a basis for maintaining good housekeeping. The full form of 5’S are:
  1. SHORTING- Clearly distinguish needed items from in needed items and eliminate the latter.
  2. SYSTEMATIZING– Keeping the needed items in the correct place to allow for easy and immediate retrieval.
  3. SWEEPING- Keeping the workshop swept and clean.
  4. SANITIZING- This is the condition we get from when we maintain the first three S’ s I.e. sorting, systematizing, and sweeping.
  5. SELF DISCIPLINE- Make a habit of maintaining established procedures.

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