First Aid Fire Extinguishers

first aid fire

First Aid Fire Fighting Arrangements:

Suitable and sufficient First Aid Fire Extinguishers as prescribed in Schedule first shall be provided and maintained. They should confirm to IS. Their numbers and types are classified for fire class A to E. They should be similar in a shape, appearance and method of operation. They should be placed in conspicuous place readily and easily accessible. Their bottom should be 75 cm above the floor level. They should be charged regularly and recharged immediately after discharge. Water and sand should be clean. One 9 litres water bucket should be provided for every 100 m2 of the floor area or part thereof.

First Aid Fire Extinguishers

Other Fire Fighting Arrangements:

A formula is suggested to calculate the amount of fire water. If this requirement is 550 litres/min or more, power driven trailer pumps of adequate capacity are prescribed. Pumping capacity be reduced by 25% if fire service is available within 3 km. Each trailer pump should have equipment stated in Schedule-Second. They should confirm to IS, It should be housed in a separate shed close to a principal source of water and near the main risk of the factory. Towing attachment one for every 4 trailer pumps is required, if manual pulling and placement of pump is not possible.
Water should be sufficient to supply at least for 100 minutes. At least 50% of the water requirement calculated by the formula or 4,50,000 litres which is less, should be stored in static tanks (each of 4,50,000 litres or more) distributed round the factory and in fire prone area. Diameter of main pipe should be more than 15 cm, capacity more than 4500 litre/min and pressure more than 7 Kg/cm2.

Fire Fighting Team, Drill etc:

All fire fighting equipment (portable and fixed) shall be in charge of a trained person. There number should be sufficient and provided with necessary clothing and equipment including helmets, belt, gum boots.

Quality of personal protective equipment (PPE) should confirm to the IS.

Fire drills are required at least once in two months or as often as necessary.

Hydrants and Sprinklers:

Fire hydrants and automatic sprinklers shall be in addition and not in substitution of above requirements.


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