Capacity of safety harness

ANSI is the organization answerable for growing protection specification and testing recommendations

Safety harness load capacity range-

(Load Capacity of full-body safety harness)User weight range -58.967 KG. To 140.614 KG. (always Remember only standard safety harness support this weight range).

The most standard harness will support up to 140.614 KG. But the newest ones SWL up to 175 KG. All hardware on the Full Body Harness meets the ANSI Z3591.1-2007 or ANSI Z359.12-2009 and CSA Z259.12 standard and OSHA 29 CFR 1910.66 and 1926.502 requirements.

Safety harness weight capacity
How much weight can a safety harness take care

Breaking strength and tensile strength of safety harness

Refer to the manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines for the exact weight capacity of a particular safety harness, as it can vary based on factors like the type of harness and its intended use. Always ensure that you are using the appropriate harness for the job and that it meets the necessary safety standards.

Breaking strength of safety harness test on 2243 KG.

Tensile strength of safety harness test on 2243 KG.

All test is done as per CE and ANSI standard.

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