Mobile Crane fell on the Railway Track (Over Head Cable)

Crane accident bilaspur

A major accident occurred during the construction of the bridge at the Chuchuhiyapara railway gate (Bilaspur Chhatisgadh) on the Mumbai-Howrah route. Even after the soil was wet, the crane was operated near the pit. During the lifting time, the balance of the crane was disturbed and it fell on the running railway line, breaking OHE (Over Head Electric). Just 4 minutes before the accident, the express train passed from there.

9 people including 8 officers were injured in the accident. The much-awaited bridge construction at Chuchuhiyapara railway gate (Bilaspur), just 5 to 7 hundred meters from Bilaspur railway station, started on 10 November.

Crane fall on railway power line

For this, the construction company had laid the box and slab of concrete a year ago. Railway companies have now started the work of keeping the rails straight and keeping the boxes instead of box pushing. The officers who started the work three days ago were trying to finish it quickly. This work was to be done in 5 days on different dates. 10 boxes were placed on the first day. On the second day, 6 boxes were kept. 6 more boxes were to be kept on Wednesday. Out of this, the 5th box was being kept, at the same time it happened. At 4.45 pm, when the crane lifting the 200-ton weight was bringing down the number 5 box in the pit, there was pressure in the wet soil and the Outrigger of the crane started to sink to one side. On seeing the whole crane overturned. Fortunately, there was no one close to the crane. The officers who were around were hit and injured.

CSM BK Vishwas was close to the crane while putting the box in the pit. As soon as the crane lifted the box they started going backward from there. They realized that the wheel of the crane is sinking into the soil and they ran towards the running track. By then the front of the crane started coming down, breaking the OHE (Over Head Electric).

Nine people injured, one officer in critical condition, treatment underway in Apollo

The root cause of the accident?

  • Ground condition not checked before start the lifting.
  • Lack of supervision.
  • Lack of trained and well-experienced crane operator.
  • Haste.
  • Improper placement of outriggers.
  • Improper outrigger pad using.

Recommendation for the safe operation of the crane


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