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Meaning of Industrial Hygiene:-

Industrial hygiene is by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) as that science and art devoted anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of those environmental factor of stress, arising from the workplace, which may cause sic impaired health and well-being or sign discomfort and inefficiency among workers or the citizens of the community.

Thus Industrial Hygiene deals with anticipation, Identification, recognition acceptance, evaluation, measurement assessment and control of work place hazard environmental stresses (heat, cold, humidity impairing health of the workers or public.

INDUSTRIAL HYGIENE. It includes all methods of identification of hazards.

Recognition means acceptance of ill-effect identified hazards and accepting that environment stress endanger life and health accelerate process or cause discomfort. (Qualitative assessment) Evaluation means measuring or calculating degree of hazard (quantitative) by instrument sampling and analysis, comparison with standards and taking judgment whether measured or hazard is more than or less than the per standard (quantitative assessment) Control includes engineering and administrative control, safe disposal of waste, and medical exam use of PPE, education, training and supervision.

The scientific approach adopted in a Industrial Hygiene includes, identifying the e toxicity (harmful effect) of chemical, physical biological agents identifying the extent of employee exposure through inhalation, skin absorption or ingestion recommending and implementing process controls that reduce exposure to harmful subs Lances and following safe work practices including use of PPE to guard against the esposures. The health effects are unlikely to occur unless exposure.

The science of qualitative and quantitative exposure assessment is applied in determining the extent of exposure. These data then are used in determining the need for implementing prevention and control measures.

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