Incident Recall Technique

Incident recall technique

Incident Recall Technique methods

This method is based on collecting information on hazards, near-misses, unsafe conditions, and unsafe actions from working people. It can be used to investigate the man-machine relationships and to improve equipment and operations.

The technique consists of interviewing personnel regarding involvement in accident or near-misses, errors, mistakes, difficulties, and conditions which may cause accidents. It accomplishes the same result as an accident investigation. Even isolated incidents reported by the technique can be investigated to determine whether corrective action is necessary or advantageous.

Plant people should be given accident case studies for reading and thinking. Then their memory should be recalled to know their understanding and further suggestions if any.

Critical Incident Review Technique:-

The Critical Incident Technique by W.E Tarrants, is a method of identifying or reviewing potential accident causes by collecting information on unsafe conditions and actions, near-misses, hazards, etc. from experienced plant personnel. It can be used to study man-machine operation relationships and to use the information to improve equipment, operations and procedures.

An experienced reviewer or surveyor first explains to key personnel what he wants to know. Then he asks each worker individually questions on safety matters. Workers’ involvement in accidents, near misses, mistakes, errors, difficulties in performance, and probable causes of accidents are thoroughly discussed. Their comments including preventive measures are also asked.

It has been estimated that for every mishap there are at least 400 near-misses. Information on possible accident causes can be obtained from participants of accidents and non-participants but having knowledge.

When interviews report similar difficulties hazards or near misses with similar types of operation or equipment, it indicates an area to be investigated and results of the investigation can suggest the remedial measures necessary.

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