Hazards in molding shop and Casting

hazard in molding shop
Flying sand particles while cleaning mould pattern etc.1. Provide eye protection.

2. Where ever possible cleaning should be done by vacuums sucking instead of by blowing air.

Noise hazard.1. Provide ear protection.

2. Pre employment medical check up.

3. Periodical medical check up.

4. Regular preventive maintenance of machine & equipment.

Manual material handling.1. Train all the employees in manual material handling.

2. provide appropriate PPE such as shoes, gloves etc.

Fingers getting pressed in between mould & squeeze plate.1. Decide the safe working method & train the workmen.

2. Proper supervision.

Feet getting injured by pneumatic rammer nails etc.1. Maintain good housekeeping.

2. Provide safety shoes & ensure its use.

Pneumatic hose pipe coming off & causing injury.1. Provide minimum 2 clips.
2. Maintain the hose connections.3. Proper supervision insured.
Metal chips in the backing sand can cause hand injury.1. Preventive maintenance of sieves & magnetic separator.
Number in the finger due to prolonged use of pneumatic tools.1. Provide shock absorber pads wherever possible.

2. Job rotation.


Silica dust & smoke1. Provide good exhaust system.

2. Provide good ventilation.

3. Provide dust masks & goggles.

4. Conduct periodic medical examination.

High noise hazard1. Preventive maintenance of shake out machines.

2. Provide appropriate ear protection.

3. Conduct periodic medical examination.

Falling of castings on feet while transferring from shake out machine to bins.1. Train people in safe method of material handling.

2. Provide foot protection.

Feet injury due to sharp metal pieces.

Reinforcement rods etc.

1. Maintain good housekeeping.

2. Provide foot protection.

Heat from hot castings.1. Provide good exhaust system.

2. Provide good ventilation.

3. Provide cotton boiler suit.

Sprain due to uneven work surface.1. Maintain good housekeeping.

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