Design of Storage Shed & Placement of Containers

compressed gas cylinder safety

Storage safety requires appropriate design and approval from authorities. Many dimension and criteria are prescribed in statute books, codes and standards. Some guidelines are also available from the supplier of materials. All such instruction are to be utilised from the design stage. Storage sheds should be constructed as per structural guidelines. Their safety and stability are important.

There are different designs of storage shades some are open from all sides while some are closed. Floor design, doors, windows and ventilators should consider properties of the materials to be stored. Floor slope on one side or at the centre, upper ventilation for low vapour density, lower ventilation for high vapour density, fire detectors at proper location, surrounding open space for easy movement, sufficient head room for fire fighting, proper stacking racks and ladders to reach at height, proper lamps or tube for sufficient lighting, proper air conditioning, and maintenance of low temperature for storage low boiling liquids, floor slope connected with drain and collection pit or retention basin, proper entry and exit ways, cross ventilation for comfortable temperature and dilution of air, sufficient roof height and proper roof design to maintain proper ventilation and temperature inside the shade and drain away raining water, alarm system in case of fire and leakage, proper locking system for explosive and poisonous chemicals, etc. are some of the factors which should be considered while designing a storage shed. Sufficient fire extinguishers should be kept nearby. Fire hydrant should be available near the periphery of the shed.

Placement of containers should be safe and with sufficient spacing in between and surrounding. Barrels of liquids should be kept on wooden support. Chlorine toners should be kept on rail or rollers so that they can be easily moved. Proper mechanical lifting devices should be provided. Bags and boxes should be stacked in such a way that they should not fall. Gas detectors with alarms should be provided to detect leaking gases.  Gas cylinders should be stored at separate place and away from heat generating sources. Identification plates should be displayed properly.


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