Compilation, Collation & Analysis of Hazard Information

Analysis of Hazard Information
Analysis of Hazard Information

Compilation, Collation & Analysis of Information

At a factory or workplace level, information of hazards and past and current accidents should be collected first with facts and details. This is compilation. Then it should be put together subject or major head wise. Then in each head (major hazards, minor hazards, accidents to persons, property losses, costs of accident etc.), the information should be combined or arranged in a proper order for the purpose of easy understanding or comparing in detail. This is collation of information. Then it should be analysed or classified into subdivisions or subgroups to sharpen the information towards different subjects leading to some conclusion. This is analysis.

Compared with those of factory B. If they are arranged in some order, say, date wise or code wise, it is also collation of information. But when the information is classified as male and female wise, day and night wise, different hazard or causation wise, equal cost wise, frequency wise, body part wise etc., it is called analysis. This gives sharps or pointed information on a particular point or subject to draw some conclusion. This system of analyzing data is useful find out target areas of work and priority of remedial measures to concentrate on them. Manual exercise is reduced to a great extent if a computer is used for such work.

To foresee future possible hazard-or risk estimation, by using various identification, measurement and evaluation techniques like HAZOP, fault-free, event tree, risk and consequence assessment etc., and detailed information can be compiled, analyzed and used for accident prevention work. Use of computer makes it easy to compile, collate. Analyze and store vast information on identification of major hazard installations, risk analysis, safety audit, preparing on-site and off-site emergency plans, control measures etc. and makes further easy to incorporate any additions and alterations at appropriate places to update the documents.

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