5 workers killed in blast at Aims Industries Pvt. Ltd company near Vadodara Padra

  • 5 workers killed
  • Over 15 Injuries
  • 3-4 km Feeling like a quake shaking the earth

Five workers were killed in a blast at AIIMS Oxygen Company near Gawasad village near Vadodara Padra. Fire Brigade and 108 ambulance teams rushed to the scene of the incident. The bodies and the injured have been shifted to the Primary Health Center. The blast was so intense that it felt like a tremor quake for 3 km.

Rescue operations have been carried out.

The blast broke out in the company, The oxygen cylinders used in hospitals are filled up at Aims Industries Limited Company near Gavasad village in Padra taluka of Vadodara district.
The fire broke out around 10 am (11-1-2020) in the company. After the blast was rumored. The blast killed 5 workers at the scene.

The death toll is still likely to rise. While more than 15 workers have been injured. Discussion of Blast Due to Bottles of Hydrogen and nitrogen were also kept at Aims Industries Limited Company. It has been reported that the blast occurred. The company’s plant collapse syringe collapsed blast was so intense that it felt like an earthquake of up to 3 km. And in the village of Gwasad, the windows of the house were slammed. And the messes were down. In addition, the sound was heard. Responsible executives of the company have yet to make a difference The accident happened around 10 am, but no officials of the system or the responsible officials of the company have yet to make a difference.

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