How to prevent welding fire

welding fire safety

• Make a thorough inspection of the work place and ensure that it is safe for welding operations.
• Issue a work permit/hot work permit.
• Check if the area contains flammable liquids / gases.
• Ensure that there are no floor openings, open windows nearby or any such ready access through which sparks the job can be welded outside the premises and brought back.
• Examine whether the job can be welded outside the premises and brought back.
• If not, remove all combustible materials to a safe distance of at least 20 feet.
• Sweep the floor and the area nearby the remove all waste material.
• If any of the combustible materials cannot be removed, cover it with non-combustible coverings like metal sheets, fire blanket etc.

• If the floor itself is combustible, cover it likewise and wet it before starting welding work.
• In case welding or cutting has to be done on a vessel, pipe or other container which contains or had earlier contained flammable liquids, ensure that a detailed permit to work procedure involving isolation, blanking, purging, inerting methods is followed.
• Prepaid fire booth if working nearby gas line or compostable materials.
• Move the object to be welded away from objects that could explode, combust, or ignite when exposed to the heat of the welding process.
• Move all objects that are prone to explode, combust, or ignite away from the object being welded.
Fire extinguisher:-
• Type A
Type A fire extinguishers are used for combustible solids (articles that burn) such as paper, wood, and cloth. The symbol for a Type A fire extinguisher is a GREEN Triangle with the letter A in the center.
• Type B

These extinguishers are used for combustible liquids such as oil, grease, and paint thinner. The symbol for a Type B extinguisher is a RED Square with the letter B in the center.
• Type C
These extinguishers are for use on electrical fires involving items such as fuse boxes, electric motors, and welding machines. The symbol for a Type C extinguisher is a BLUE Circle with the letter C in the center.
• Type D
these extinguishers are used on fires involving combustible metals such as zinc, titanium, and magnesium. The symbol for a Type D extinguisher is a YELLOW Star with the letter D in the center.

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