Manufacture, Storage and Import of Hazardous Chemicals Rules 1989

Hazardous chemical rules in india
Export and import rules of hazardous chemical

U/s 6, 8 and 25 of the Environment (Protection) Act. 1986, these rules were made enforceable from 27-11-1989. They were amended in 1994 & 2000.

They have 20 Rules and 12 Schedules as under:

R-1 – Short title and commencement.

R-2 – Definitions.

R-3 – Duties of Authorities : To inspect the industrial activity at least once in a year and to perform duties mentioned in Sch. 5.

R-4 – General responsibility of the occupier.

R-5 – Notification of major accident.

R-6 – Industrial activity to which rules 7 to 15 apply.

R-7 – Approval & Notification of sites.

R-8 – Updating of the site notification following changes in the threshold quantity.

R-9 – Transitional provisions.

R-10 – Safety Reports and Safety Audit Report.

R-11 – Updating of reports u/r 10.

R-12 – Requirement for further information to be sent to the authority.

R-13 – Preparation of on site emergency plan by the occupier.

R-14 – Preparation of off site emergency plan by the authority.

R-15 – Information to be given to persons liable to be affected by a major accident.

R-16 – Disclosure of information.

R-17 – Collection, Development and Dissemination of information.

R-18 – Import of hazardous chemicals.

R-19 – Improvement notices.

R-20 – Power of the Central Goverment to modify the schedules.

Then schedules as under-

Sch.1 – Indicative criteria and list of chemicals.

Part-I Toxic, flammable & Explosive chemicals.

Part-II List of 684 hazardous chemicals.

Sch. 2 – Isolated storage other than those covered by Sch. 4. Threshold quantities of 30 chemicals are given.

Sch. 3 – List of hazardous chemicals for application of R. 5 and 7 to 15. Part – I named chemicals, 179. Parts – II classes of chemicals not named in Part – I (Flammable gases and liquids).

Warning sign HAZCHEM

Sch. 4 – Hazardous operations and process.

Sch. 5 – Authorities and their duties (addition).

Sch. 6 – Notification of a major accident.

Sch. 7 – Notification of sites. Part-I regarding site, Part-II regarding pipeline.

Sch. 8 – A safety report.

Sch. 9 – Safety data sheet (MSDS).

Sch. 10 – Record of hazardous chemicals imported.

Sch. 11 – Details of on – site emergency plan.

Sch. 12 – Details of off-site emergency plan.

Thus these rules impose a greater duty on occupiers and authorities in identifying major accident hazard (MAH) installations and taking safety measures for them.


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