Rakesh Dubey Scaffolding Expert in India.

Rakesh Dubey – A physically strong individual, with a solid track record of working as a scaffolding Inspector for 10+ years. Exceptionally skilled in erecting scaffoldings of different types, establishing platforms, and safety measures. Strong knowledge of dismantling and removing scaffolding on project completion, as well as ensuring proper storage.
• Hazard Identification • Scaffolding Setup and Take-down
• Safety Measures • Loading and Offloading
• Equipment and Tools Use • Balance Maintenance
• Rigging
• Successfully implemented a hazard identification system, as a result, decreased falls by 50%
• Introduced a balance maintenance system, hence, reduced chances of falling from high altitude
• Trained 700 apprentices in handling scaffolding work, as part of their training programs

Rakesh Dubey
Scaffolding Expert in India