What is REBAR Cap?


A Rebar cap is a protective cover for covering the end of a concrete reinforcing bar to prevent injuries caused by coming into contact with the end of the re-bar.

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All the protruding re-bar at the site must be guarded to eliminate the hazard of impalement. Not all caps/guards provide the same level of protection.

In some cases, the force of a fall can cause re-bar to push through the plastic cap and still impale a worker, or the worker can be impaled by the re-bar and the cap together.


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Everyone in the construction site should be vigilant around exposed rebar ends. Fall prevention is the first line of defense and covered rebar ends add extra insurance against impalement in case of a fall.

Mushroom-style plastic rebar caps DO NOT provide adequate protection from impalement, even from a shortfall of three feet.

Mushroom-style rebar caps

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Be aware of the hazards of working around the protruding rebar at construction sites. Your prompt actions could save your and someone’s life.